128Casino is a well designed online casino from Malaysia that offers lots of great chances to win. It has a range of different games and great customer service. To find out more, read the full review!

128Casino Presentation and Navigation

When you’ve played a lot of online casino, you start to notice certain trends and tropes occurring regularly. In particular, it’s common to encounter bad design on the homepages that can be very off-putting for those thinking of spending some of their hard-earned cash there.

We’ve seen some very awkward examples of photoshop in our time, some poor scaling, some very pixelated images…

Fortunately, that is not the case with 128Casino. This site is well designed and makes a strong and bold first impression with its black and gold colorscheme and its excellent, crisp imagery.

The navigation is also nice and easy, with all the categories listed along the top and a form to sign up front and center. There’s also a page for mobile users which includes a bunch of mobile games designed specifically to be played on the move – which is always welcome.

Interestingly, the VIP section is the first option you come across. This demonstrates just what a push the site makes toward rewarding its members.

Games and Prizes

There are a lot of games to enjoy here, from the usual casino to the sports. ‘Poker’ has its whole own section, so this is quite a large push on the site. This one feels a lot more ‘casino-centric’ in fact, rather than some sites that seem to be bookies first and casinos second. We like that.

The prizes are also very good, with a lot of offers, bonuses and payouts. There’s a 100% welcome bonus for instance for new players, meaning that your first deposit will be doubled. There’s also 25% daily bonuses and lots of promotions.

If you choose your games wisely and stay on the lookout for offers, then you can potentially make a big profit here – especially if you join the very worthwhile VIP club.

128Casino Customer Service and Experience

Overall, there’s a great time to be had at 128Casino and actually a fair bit of cash to be earned if you’re savvy and good at the games!

What’s more, is that the overall experience is very positive thanks to the great customer service and responsiveness of the staff. You can use a chat box to get in touch with 128Casino quickly and easily, and they’re always quick to respond to any questions and to lend a helping hand. The banking is very good too: with money being very quick and easy to withdraw when you need it.

Overall, 128Casino is one of the best online casinos around right now and a great place to spend some time and cash for those who enjoy a bit of gambling!