12win is a premium online casino that offers quality games for any gambling, slots or betting lover. It is one of the best online platforms in Malaysia and it features a series of games, bonuses and rewards that are impossible to resist. This world-class online casino is ready to meet the expectations of anyone who is visiting it, by simply accessing some of the options offered. Go ahead and visit their main page to see for yourself what everything is all about.

What makes 12win special compared to other online casinos?

You may wonder why to choose 12win over other online casinos available in Malaysia. 12win comes with great promotions that can’t be ignored. Compared to other similar websites, at 12win you can make absolutely sure that you’ll receive bonuses that will help you win at the end of the round. Plus, it uses the latest technology for protecting your private data, so you won’t have to worry about having your data or your money stolen. You can always ask for assistance by contacting the team of experts at 12win.

What games can you play on 12win?

As for the game options you have at 12win, you can choose between more than 200 different online casino games, including both all-time favorites and unique games. Another feature that makes 12win a very special platform would be represented by Arcade games. Besides live dealer games, slot games, table games and betting, 12win also offers a wide range of Arcade games. All the games are updated periodically, and they are built in collaboration with the most popular tech companies. The range of games is clearly more extensive and much more different from other online gaming platforms available in Malaysia. The list of games is available on the main page of 12win.

Are there any bonuses?

Considering the wide range of games offered at 12win, the bonuses should focus on the same criterion. Bonuses are just as diverse as the game and they are upgraded and changed regularly. The welcome bonus is a 100% one to give the users a headstart for playing. After choosing 12win, you’ll have many other opportunities and increased chances to win. For every re-deposit, you will get an additional bonus, depending on how long you’ve been on the website. This re-deposit bonus varies from 5% to 20%. There is also a VIP club, where you can receive more bonuses than usually. If you have perfect attendance on the website, meaning that you return on the website every day, you’ll get another bonus.

Other relevant financial details about 12win

As for the transactions at 12win, you should know a few details that are also unique conditions for this platform. The withdrawal processing time can change according to the amount of money you want to exchange and the day of the week in which you request it. Late payments can also be encountered due to the online banking availability. The maximum withdrawal number for each user is 2 per day, and the maximum transaction amount is specified for each condition. 12win works with the most popular banks in Malaysia.

Customer service and support on 12win

You can contact the team of professionals at 12win by using their phone number, email, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat or Facebook. The fastest method to get a response would be using the live chat on the website, which is a 24/7 service. Whenever you have a problem, contacting the team will solve it in the shortest time possible. Also, if you need guidance regarding how to set up your profile, make a deposit, make a transaction or anything similar, you can simply message the customer service team and they will offer it to you.

What we like:

  • Unique games
  • Full customer support
  • Constant technological upgrades

What we didn’t like:

  • The games can lag due to a poor Internet connection
  • The payment options are not very numerous

What about the overall experience?

12win can be considered one of the best online entertainment platforms in Asia. Besides the great options they offer online and through their platform, they also launched a mobile app so that users can access the games freely, whenever and from wherever they want. The overall experience is a positive one and will exceed your online casino expectations. The safety offered is exemplary and you can finally leave your worries behind. The bonuses are numerous, and the odds are always with you, not against you, so you have all chances to win.