Playing casinos online is a unique experience with a unique appeal.

This is a fun way to earn a little money and to enjoy a little suspense. Let’s be honest: most of us live fairly boring, mundane lives. We’re hardly James Bond.

But when you come home, crack open a beer and start playing against an opponent at some online poker… well you might feel a bit more like James Bond. Even if it’s only for a bit.

That’s why it’s so important to find the right casino site. If the site is designed well, it will help you to create that feeling and to inject a little hedonism and a little risk into your everyday life. And hopefully, if the games are colorful and addictive, it will be enjoyable at the same time.

Does 7Luck88 offer that experience?

Games and Style

The good news is that the layout and look of 7Luck88 does give you that experience. It’s all dark colors against reds and yellows and that creates quite a striking and exotic tone. What’s more, is that this is a foreign site: when you load it up it will be in Bahasa by default. That creates a more interesting experience and lets you enjoy being an international man or woman of mystery for a while!

That said though, you can translate this to English (which isn’t always an option with some of these sites) and that means that you can easily find your way around etc.

All the usual games are here. The categories include sportsbook (with a separate slot for the horses), slots and a live casino. The games all work really well and are good fun to play. That and the odds are great: this is one of the sites where you can realistically expect to win some fairly big pay outs occasionally!

The only thing that didn’t make the best impression right away was the lack of mobile app. That’s right: this is a desktop only experience, so if you want to play on mobile then we recommend checking out one of our other reviews.

Still though, that won’t be an issue for a large range of users. So if you’re happy to play on your PC, go ahead! Of course the site will load on mobile, but it won’t be as convenient as having a dedicated app.

7Luck88 Experience and Service

So 7Luck88 is great fun to play and has a great ‘atmosphere’. What about the customer service? And can you rely on the site to let you get your money out when you want it?

The good news is that this site works as advertised. The customer service is great, there’s a chat box that pops up right away, and we never had any trouble getting our questions answered or withdrawing money.