7Slots v2 is an online casino that gives users the possibility to play an extensive range of games which are built with the latest technology in terms of gaming and live casino experience. If you want to enjoy the same casino experience you would get in a physical location, 7Slots v2 is the answer for you. The platform is highly responsive, safe and gives you enough choices to select from. Give it a try by visiting their home page.

7Slots v2 Review

This is a Malaysian online entertainment platform that comes with more games and options compared with the average websites in this area. The website can be accessed easily, without having to worry about security issues, as it uses the latest type of technology for both protecting the private data of the users and meeting the customers’ expectations in terms of gaming. Compared with other similar platforms, It is comfortable to use, regardless of what platform you choose. You can play on both desktop and mobile, as long as you have a stable Internet connection. It is convenient, entertaining and secure all at once.

The game offer at 7Slots v2

As for the games offered right here, the large number means that all users will surely find at least one activity they enjoy. First of all, this platform offers a live casino section. This section hosts four different suites, all for different categories of players who want to try the casino games. More than that, each suite has attractive, communicative live casino dealers. The suites included in this category are PT, GP, AB and EVO. Players can choose the suite that’s the most appropriate for the requirements they have. The sportsbook selection includes games in EPL or UEFA and it is separated into two suites – W and I sports. The slots games are designed uniquely, and they are more numerous, also separated in different suites – PT, GP, 1S and NT. It also offers a KENO section. KENO is about being good at predicting the odds and being lucky. All the games at 7Slots are backed up by cutting-edge tech.

What bonuses will you get at 7Slots v2?

The bonuses at 7Slots v2 are enough to keep a user engaged and satisfied with the platform. First of all, making a minimum deposit every weekend means that you will get an ultimate weekend bonus which will lead to a higher cash reward. If you use to play at night, it gives a midnight offpeak of 25% at deposit bonuses which are up to MYR177. This bonus takes place between 1.30 AM and 4.30 AM. The welcome bonus is too mainstream, reason why 7Slots v2 offers an additional XTRA welcome bonus which is based on the amount of money deposited.

Other financial details

As for payout, 7Slots v2 offers an ultimate promotion that keeps customers engaged and coming back. There is a 7% unlimited reload bonus and up to 0.4% cash rebates when playing slot games. Unlimited cash rebates are also offered for live casino games. The value of these are 0.7%. In the case of choosing sportsbook, the cash rebate is 0.4%. The payment methods are diverse, including most local banks in Malaysia but many more others as well. The transactions are rapidly completed. This website also has a series of certifications in terms of online entertainment.

How’s the customer service

The experts offer their support 24/7 on the website via the live chat option. By simply accessing the homepage, you can contact the specialists who will address any query you may have. You can also find 7Slots v2 on Facebook, BlogSpot or YouTube. In case you need immediate assistance, you can use the mobile number listed on the website or the email.

What we like:

  • Offers a KENO section that most online casinos do not have
  • Using the latest type of technology for creating the games and securing the website
  • Great array of promotions

What we didn’t like:

  • The sportsbook section doesn’t contain numerous types of sports
  • The live casino promotions do not change weekly

The overall experience

The experience with 7Slots v2 is appreciated by the most users. The many positive reviews and testimonials should be a reason enough to trust their services. Moreover, the list of games is attractive and much different compared to the rest of available online casinos. The log-in process is easy and convenient and users can also choose the mobile app for easy accessibility. The complete privacy policy and the terms & conditions should be read before playing on this online casino.