8bonus is an online entertainment platform based in Malaysia that addresses to international players. The wide offer of games and activities on the 8bonus platform is what attracts new customers each and every day. If you’d like to try your luck and see how the games work at 8bonus, you won’t regret your choice. Sign up on the website and choose the games you are most interested in, and the technology behind them will mesmerize you. Also, be prepared to win some real money while playing on this platform.

Everything about 8bonus

8bonus is a professional online casino that has grown in popularity since its first launch. The website includes many categories from which users can select the one that suits their needs and preferences the best. The 8bonus online casino imitates the real experience in physical locations. The live casino option includes real dealers and real in-game money that helps players feel as close to reality as possible. Moreover, 8bonus is powered by strong partners such as Playtech, which is a leader in the industry of online casino games and minigames. The same goes with security, which is backed up by the latest technology and comprehensive packages of firewalls to keep your data private.

The game range at 8bonus

The games offered at 8bonus are the ones that are preferred by most casino lovers in Malaysia. These include betting on different types of sports and teams, with live scores comfortably showed right on the website. Besides betting, there is a lottery option for people who want to guess the lucky numbers and a jackpot option in the online slot games section. Interactive slots are waiting for you on the website and they can be used worldwide. The algorithm behind slots is entirely safe and has transparent cash-out procedures for protecting your data.

Promotions that 8bonus offers

The promotions at 8bonus are static and they don’t change after a certain period of time. They are fixed and they apply to both newcomers and long-term users. First of all, each client receives a 150% welcome bonus if all categories are selected and a 30% welcome bonus for one category only. On weekends, all members receive a 25% bonus and during each day, for every deposit, clients get a 15% daily bonus. On Fridays, there is a special 30% bonus offered to everyone regardless of deposits and a weekly free bonus of MYR10 for everyone on the website. At 8bonus, newcomers can also play without making a deposit the first few times. After that, they have to make a deposit and they will receive the remaining welcome bonus. As for cash rebates, depending on the selected categories clients will receive up to 0.6%. On your birthday, you will receive an additional bonus of MYR30 real money to use on the games and withdraw at any given moment.

Financial aspects related to 8bonus

There is certain transaction limit in MYR that users should respect when making one. The banking options available at 8bonus include ATM, online transfer or local bank transfer. For these three methods the minimum amount is MYR25 for deposits and MYR50 for withdrawals. The maximum amount for deposits is MYR100000 and the maximum amount for withdrawals is MYR5000 and MYR50000 respective to the banking option selected. For withdrawing money, the user has to respect the terms specified in the privacy policy. If not, the withdrawal will be delayed or cancelled.

Support system and customer service at 8bonus

The support system at 8bonus is backed up by cutting-edge technology, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of security. All the data remains private and the platform is highly protected. The mobile app is also secure, as clients can safely log in on it and run activities through the app instead of the desktop version. As for customer service, you can contact the team at 8bonus at any given moment, 24/7 through live chat or the other options mentioned.

What we like:

  • The platform is intuitive, so everyone can learn how to use it very fast
  • 8bonus also has a mobile app for increased accessibility

What we didn’t like:

  • The array of games is not versatile enough
  • Transactions can take a while to complete if the amount is too high and they also require approbation

Overall experience at 8bonus

8bonus is a premium online casino in Malaysia, so if you want to try it, do it without any worries. The games are responsive and easy to play, the rewards are considerable and the whole experience is perfect for an online casino passionate.