Casino’s, casino’s, casinos: There are millions of options available and we can almost guess that there are as many new online casino options popping up to tempt gamblers as there are stars in the night sky. It can be hard to pick the right one, and the star that glitters the brightest isn’t always the way it appears when you see it from a little closer up. So how do you know which casino you should pick amongst what are basically far too many options? You can trust to point you in the direction of the coolest, most trusted, easiest to use and best casinos and gambling websites available in Malaysia – and we’ll always check out the casino to make sure that they really do give you the best and most fun experience for your money.

We even tell you which sign-up bonuses are being offered by which casinos! We’ll also take a look at which games are offered by the casino website and how the website works from the inside out – so all you have to think about is which of our reviewed casinos to choose and go have fun! You can trust for the best advice and reviews around.

9Club Casino Review

9Club Casino (also known as 9Club2 and 9Club3) offers a great all-round gaming experience for the new or experienced gambler. You can visit their site and jump right in – and if you have any difficulty with signing up you can also click to see a tutorial that tells you exactly how to sign up. They offer many cool features like a VIP section and sign up bonuses if you sign up to the site now. Looks great, too!

Games and Presentation

First, they offer a live casino with all the games you would expect from a traditional casino including many varieties of poker and roulette. Second, they also offer sports and a sports club for gamblers who happen to be sports fans at the same time. Poker has a special section on their website and they offer most of the most popular forms of poker to test your skills and win some bets. You can see a scrolling presentation of news at the top of the site, usually related to the games they offer and the jackpots. You might like the option on the website that lists your time and time-zone so you don’t lose track while you’re playing.

9Club Functionality

Their website is easy to use, and it’s easy to get in touch with customer service via the live chat section on their website which pops up on the home page. You don’t have to deal with advertisements on the home-page, and anything new related to their games is displayed right up front where you can see them.