This might be the first time you are experiencing the excitement of an online casino before, or you might be a seasoned gambler already who has tried a couple of online casinos. How many online casino websites have you visited before looking for the perfect one? You might have found that many of them are lacking in features or just don’t offer the experience you came there looking for. You might have wished that you looked at online reviews for the casino first – but up until now it has been hard to find a reliable website where you can look up online casinos based in Malaysia. That is until we started We take a personalized look at each of the casinos and review them for your benefit so that you can make sure the casino offers what it promises.

What games does the casino have? Does their technical support work? What is the look and feel of the website like? We answer all of these questions through our reviews and then a couple more, too. You will be more than satisfied with the casinos you find on And you know that we have looked at these websites ourselves to ensure the best experience for you, the user.

AES777 Casino Review

AES777 loads fast, looks good, offers you what all other traditional online casinos would in terms of games, content and looks: It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect to see from an online casino, and it doesn’t disappoint us in terms of look and feel. You can find everything you’re looking for on the main page, and they’ve got a great variety of games to match the look that they are going for: Something elegant, and something that makes you feel like you could be the next one to win the jackpot. Their technical support is listed on their website, but some people have mentioned that they were unable to reach the technical support when they needed to – so ensure that you can reach them before you deposit your money with this website.

Games and Presentation

The games they offer is exactly what you would expect to see and nothing really surprising jumps out at you like we’ve come to expect from most casino sites. The games on the website include a variety of slot machines, card games – which include all varieties of poker that you can imagine – and a virtual casino floor for the rest. While they offer sports betting, they were not as specialized as many of the other options that we have reviewed – and we would be tempted to recommend other sites above this one in simple terms of what they offer users.

AES777 Casino Functionality

How well does it function? For us, the casino’s website opened up easily enough and everything loaded fast – we had no issues with the casino’s literal function. Some people have reported issues with the website and contacting customer support when they needed to for issues, and being honest, we have to note these issues in the review here. We would recommend other sites above this one.