Asia9 is an online casino with a lot of great features and games. It has become very popular among players in part thanks to its generous payouts and partly thanks to its wide roster of different games. It’s not a completely perfect experience – and we’ll see why during this review – but it’s still one of the best options around.

Asia9 Presentation

Asia9 loses a few points in the presentation department, which is really the only thing holding it back. The site features several cropped and distorted images that don’t really do much for the overall first impression. Some faces are elongated in order for the backgrounds to fit in their designated spots and others are a little pixelated. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but when you’re thinking of spending money with a site, you want it to look polished and well-presented in order to inspire confidence that it is a safe place to play.

(Which we will get to in a moment.)

That said, there are other things to like here. The choice of images is good for instance: we particularly like the Sistine chapel along the top which adds some class. There are also several images of casinos and it does create the right atmosphere.

And what’s also nice is that there is a well-designed mobile app – so if you don’t enjoy the site, then you can always play on the go like that!

Games and Prizes

Asia9 is one of the best casinos in town in terms of the prizes and payouts. Right now for instance, there is actually the chance to win an iPhone X which is very enticing! The games themselves all work very well and are a lot of fun. The themed slots are especially good, which include some big licenses: so you can enjoy playing Marvel themed games for instance!

Really it seems that you are just paying a slight price in terms of the presentation, in order to enjoy the better prizes and payouts. That’s a good tradeoff and it makes sense to get involved before the game gets too big!

Asia9 Customer Service Conclusion

The customer service is very good here and in our experience the team has been very fast to respond and very helpful. There’s a big option to click a chat window as soon as you boot up the PC in fact and this is something we really appreciated: there’s no guessing about how to get in touch!

Support is available around the clock 7 days a week and the banking all works well as it should too. There are no hidden costs and should you wish to withdraw some cash, you can do right away. There’s no waiting around!

All in all then Asia9 might not be the prettiest, but don’t miss this diamond in the rough!