Best Online Casino Malaysia

Are you looking to find the best online casino Malaysia for the best possible gambling experience that comes the closest that you possibly could to visiting a real-life casino? Then you should look no further than We offer the best comprehensive and in-depth casino and gambling reviews so that you can have the peace of mind to know that the site has been personally tested by us to ensure you have the best experience your money can buy you.

How will you pick when there are thousands of options? We are here to help you find a trusted online casino Malaysia!

Here’s a look at five of the top online casinos in Malaysia – and more things you never knew about the industry of casinos, slot machines and gambling.


Are you looking for a sports betting platform instead of your traditional live casino venue? Then IBCBet will be the perfect platform for you, and you’ll be excited by the different options they offer. If you haven’t guessed it by now, IBC Bet specializes almost entirely in sports betting – and you can even place a bet on e-sports if you’re more of a technology geek. They have great support available for mobile, and everything fits nicely into the front page of their website so you can find everything easily: Even their technical support is readily available. We loved IBCBet just for its ease-of-use.

Boss Room

Boss Room is one of the really sleek-looking casinos listed in this article, and just the look and feel of the website makes you feel like you’re about to be one of the high-rollers in the casino – they get some points for that. Boss Room, which gets the name from the Boss-level of most video games, gives you a wide variety of options to choose form as a gamer: First, they have a full live casino with games like blackjack, and poker. They also have a full slot machine section for slots games, and they offer sports betting – and staying true to their name, you can also get into e-sports betting, which makes them one of the cooler casinos around – we’re impressed!


Senibet is another website that’s set up specifically for those who love sports betting – and they have built a reputation as being one of the top sports betting websites around. Senibet offers strong sports betting options – and what makes them different to IBCBet is the fact that they also offer a full-size casino alongside the sports betting options, so that you can indulge the gamer in you if you so choose with poker, slots and a full-size live virtual casino where you would find all of the gaming options you would expect from a real casino. They get extra points for offering good technical support, too.


The name DracoBet makes different people think of different things – for us, the sleek and elegant look of the website reminded us a little bit of Boss Room, and we were especially impressed with the format and look of DracoBet for managing to pull off the elegance of a real-life casino. They offer slot machines, poker, blackjack and other card games, roulette and a wide variety of options for sports betting fans. Yes, they’re a full virtual casino that gets pretty close to the real-life experience. You’ll also want to watch the home-page for their bonuses, which change regularly and can get quite big if you catch the right one!


Diamond33 immediately calls up the idea of riches and prosperity – maybe even of buying yourself a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery with your winnings when you take home the big jackpot. Who knows? We loved the look and feel overall of Diamond33 – and there was absolutely no lag when opening the site. Customer support was right there in case we had any queries, questions or complaints that we needed to talk to someone about. You can visit Diamond33 if you’re looking for all of the experience of a live casino within a virtual one – and then some more features you didn’t even expect.

Why You Should Gamble Online Instead

Did you know that many people are choosing to go with online gambling rather than spend their money at a real-life casino? There are many reasons why online gambling is proving to be a better and more popular alternative to traditional casino gambling – and some people say that it’s just as good, even better, than a casino built from brick-and-mortar.

Here are just some of the reasons why online gambling is proving to be more popular:

  • Real-life casinos mean that you have to walk around with your money, often your winnings , as either chips, a membership card or sometimes even cash – and this isn’t safe when travelling. It’s much easier and convenient for you if all of the transactions occur online – without you having to do more than a button to cash out.
  • Real-life casinos are often extremely busy and noisy places, and there are thousands of people just like you who go through the doors on a daily basis and hope they will win the next jackpot. This can be overwhelming if you are trying to focus on the game yourself, and many people find that online gambling lessens the potential of distraction.
  • Online gambling versus real-life casinos allow you to take your game on the move: You can play online casino games anywhere these days from the comfort of your own home or an internet cafe, or you can usually even download most of the games available on the casino for your mobile so you can take it wherever you go. In this way, online gambling is proving to be more convenient for many people.
  • There are less and less real-life casinos for people to visit, believe it or not. Many of the large name famous Las Vegas casinos have been demolished over the last five to ten years, and this leaves a huge gap in the market for both professional and amateur gamblers who still want to continue gambling. They find a lot of benefits in switching to online gambling instead.
  • Online casinos offer a level of variety to players that real-life casinos do not. With the click of a button, you can change the entire look of the casino or switch over to a different game; if you were to do the same at a real life casino, you would first have to find another casino and then physically go there before you got to change the theme – in this way, real life casinos are stagnating while online casinos are evolving.
  • Online casinos give you access to many playing bonuses that you would not find if you went to a real-life casino. Online casinos have sign up bonuses and bonuses for players who want to keep on playing, where the best you would get with a real life casino might have been a hotel stay instead of real life credits.
  • Going to a real life casino turns into a very expensive experience quicker than you think: First you start spending money on everything from drinks to food, and that is where a lot of real life casinos are making their money instead. You don’t have to spend money that you don’t want to if you are visiting an online casino over a real life one: It’s entirely up to you, and you can organize yourself drinks and food at home – or go to your favourite restaurant if that is what you feel like and just take your laptop or smartphone along with you.
  • Going to gamble at a real life casino takes up a lot more time than people are comfortable with. It means that you have to factor in the time of physically driving to the casino, and the time of getting out of the car and walking to the other end of the casino – why waste all of that time when all you want to do is sit down and gamble? Online casinos have proved to be a lot more convenient for people who want to gamble on the go and don’t have a lot of time to waste.
  • Casinos have overheads. This means that a casino has a lot of operating costs to keep it going. Generally, we can assume that a casino has to cover their electricity bill at the very least – and can you imagine how much real-life electricity and money it is taking to run all of those slot machines, lights and other equipment in a real-life casino? This means that the jackpots real-life casinos are able to offer gamblers are getting less. Guess what? Online casinos don’t have this drawback, and that means that they can offer you more bonuses and the jackpot directly to you – instead of having to spend most of their money on overheads which end up coming out of player jackpots you could be taking advantage of instead.