Why do people choose to gamble? It’s one of the most popular pastimes and its popularity is growing by the day: There are thousands upon thousands of jackpots to be won and even more money available if you hit the tables to try a good old game of cards for cash. You’re almost losing out on all of this unclaimed money if you aren’t gambling now! But it can be hard to find the right casino – there are almost six million possible options to be found if you type “online casino” into your search engine.

So how do you know which casinos are worth your money and going to provide you with the best gaming experience you can find? Of course, you start by reading some reviews on your chosen casino to make sure what games they offer and how easy to use their site is for users – that’s you! Where can you go to find the best casino reviews? takes a look at the most popular casino websites in Malaysia and reviews all of them for your benefit so you can make an informed choice and choose a casino that’s fun, has the best sign-up bonuses and could give you a chance at the jackpot.

BigChoySun Casino Review

BigChoySun calls itself the biggest SCR888 casino in Malaysia, but you shouldn’t assume that it’s all they offer to players. When opening the site, you’re greeted by their home page, their bonuses and their technical support all at the same time – in bright brilliant yellow colours. This might be a bit too much for some people who really don’t like to look at too much yellow, or it might be great for some if yellow happens to be your favourite colour. This is entirely up to you. They offer sign up bonuses related to how much you deposit – just look at the support box to see what the current ongoing bonus is for players.

Games and Presentation

Some of the attraction to BigChoySun is their “sexy dealers” – and this might not be everyone’s thing, but for some this might be an added touch that keeps to the true excitement of a real-life Vegas casino experience, and you might appreciate this touch added to an online game. They offer comprehensive slot games, have a special section for poker games, or you can visit their live casino. You can also take a look at their sports betting or – and we also like the fact that they have a blog that you can watch for any gambling tips and news.

Big Choy Sun Casino Functionality

How well does it all work? We’re happy with the overall functionality of the website – it opens quickly, no banner ads and no lag, they offer good bonuses and their customer support is right there. The only thing that some people might find potentially off-putting is the yellow of their colour scheme – are you a fan of yellow? If you can look past that (or maybe even like it) you should have a good experience with Big Choy Sun Casino overall.