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Boss Room Casino Review

Boss Room casino gets its name from the level in a video game where one is forced to battle the boss – you will know this stage from most of your favourite video games. So, this already sets the scene for some entertainment, and if you’re both a gamer and a gambler you will appreciate this reference. The casino looks great right from the start, and they offer a comprehensive live casino experience that is everything you would expect to see. They offer plenty of sign-up bonuses and some bonuses for continuing to play, which always makes an online casino seem great – and we love that about Boss Room, too!

Games and Presentation

Boss Room (also known as BossRoom8) looks pretty sleek dressed up in black and red. It reminds you almost a little bit of a roulette wheel, or if you prefer, Mafia Wars on Facebook – yes, this fits well with some games, and we’ll give them points for originality. They offer slots on their website, with some sign-up bonuses specifically for slot machines. They also offer a live casino with the traditional casino floor games – including cards. There are plenty of special promotions, and you can find everything organized in one place – they even have a promotion for referring a friend to the website. We like this, because we’ve seen Boss Room Bonuses that other sites did not offer!

Boss Room Casino Functionality

Boss Room functions well, though can lag if you access it from slower computers or an older browser – make sure that you are using the latest versions of Flash and your chosen browser to ensure you don’t experience any problems. Their technical support is right there on the website to advise you if you have any problems: Get in touch with them if you need to know anything!