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C9bet Casino Review

The website for C9bet looks completely different to most of the casino websites we have reviewed so far. This one reminds you of walking into the cigar lounge of an expensive casino and going straight over to the poker tables to play high-stakes – it feels fancy, and we always like that when it comes to casinos and their website design. They offer great sign-up bonuses for new players and there are even some new games on the way according to their home page. They have what’s called an Individual VIP system which allows you to earn bonuses that are tailored just for you and your gameplay, which is a great touch and will make you feel like a real casino VIP.

Games and Presentation

C9Bet Casino offers the games you would like to see at a real life casino, and all of them are organized well – this looks much better than anything we’ve seen before. It’s easy to find their Games, and you can even take a look at their Downloads page and find something for mobile so you can play wherever you are from your smart device. They have slots, card games, roulette, a comprehensive sportsbook – and they offer decent online help if you have a problem while you’re trying to sign up or while playing. Visit their blog, accessible from the top, if you would like to read more about casino news – a nice touch that not all casinos have.

C9bet Casino Functionality

The website looks different to anything we’ve seen before, and we kind of like that: It’s down to individual preference and you might not feel the same, but we like the streamlined and sleek feel of the website coupled with the colour theme. And, of course, the true test is that everything happens to work well, too.