Champion188 is an online casino that places its sportsbook right at the front and center of its brand. This is a site that wants to promote online betting and if that’s your jam, then you’ll find this is one of the best casinos around.

But that’s not all it has going for it. Find out more in our full review.

Champion188 Layout and Presentation

It’s easy to think that the presentation and layout of an online casino isn’t a particularly big deal. However, this is actually one of the more important factors for a number of reasons and is something that we wish more casinos would get right.

The first reason this is a big deal, is that it helps to inspire confidence in a brand. When the site is well laid out and presented, you feel much more comfortable spending your money there and trusting in the company to let you get it back!

At the same time, it also helps to create an atmosphere. That’s part of what online poker is about after all. Let’s be honest: the daily grind is so boring, it’s fun to occasionally inject a little risk and elegance. You want your online casino to reflect that notion!

So how does Champion188 stack up? Well, it’s good news! This is actually one of the best designed online casinos we’ve seen. The images are large and professional, the editing is top-notch and the design is a responsive layout that will work well on any display. That’s something that not every online casino seems to get right!

It’s not 100% perfect. The one downside is that some of the navigation buttons don’t lead where they should. Not the worst gripe in the world as it’s pretty obvious how to get around once you’re used to it. It’s just a shame it wasn’t handled a little better.

Games and Prizes

The main draw here is the sports betting and the good news is that this is handled very well. There are some great odds here and great chances to win. At the same time, you’ll also find that the slots are very fun to play and offer a wide range of experiences. Interestingly though, the slots are all on mobile, so you’ll need to play on your phone. Actually though: that works!

Customer Service and Experience

Most importantly: is this a casino you can trust? Happily: the answer is a resounding yes. Champion188 has a great reputation in the industry and makes banking very easy. You can get your cash out whenever you want and there is no delay and no fee.

If you have any questions, then it’s also very easy to get hold of someone who will answer for you. And they’re all very helpful and friendly.

All in all, this is a great online casino and especially for sports betting!