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CitiBet Review

First, if you are not already familiar with Citibet, you might not know this: But CitiBet is not a casino website. It is, though, a betting website which focuses specifically on horse betting: This might be attractive to people who are already horse betting fans and to people who decide that they want to take horse betting a little more seriously. The website for CitiBet is easy to access – there aren’t many distractions and you can see the results of the game that you want to see right on the front page of the website. There’s no wondering and no wasting time: Pick your race or event, see the details and place your bet. From here, it’s only up to fate whether or not your winning horse will be crossing the finish line first – and that has nothing to do with the website or how well it works!

Games and Presentation

We’ve already said that CitiBet is not your traditional casino website and focuses only on horse betting – but you have the assurance of knowing that they’re the premier horse betting site in Asia and also happen to be one of the most trusted. We can’t fault them on presentation and their website is easy to use and navigate with little frills or distraction – no pop-ups to take your attention off of the horses, either. Nicely done!

CitiBet Casino Functionality

They do more than just horse-racing, you should know: They’re also Asia’s premier go-to website for gamblers who are instead interested in greyhound racing or harness racing. And you don’t have to click around too much on their website to find it. Their site can be found through or if you can’t access the first one, and their options are available right on the front home page, easy to access. Cool!