Want to know which casino you should choose between what is potentially thousands of different and confusing options? We can help you pick! These days, many casinos just aren’t as user friendly as they promise to be and other times casinos are fake sites entirely! But we do some of the work of research for you to find the best casinos and places to gamble online so you can do so safely and without having to worry.

Visit to find more information on the best casinos and which games they offer; we also tell you just how user friendly they are to get around and point you in the way of the best bonuses for users. We go a step further and also take a look at each site and their customer service so that you can get the help you need. Don’t visit other casino review sites that might not give you honest reviews that you deserve: We will tell you which casinos you can trust and have the most fun with!

EasyBet 188 Casino Review

EasyBet88 is just one of many casinos offered to players and Malaysia – and as always you should do some research on every casino before you sign up and give them your money. We can tell you that EasyBet88 is now known as EasyGroup88 and that you might not find them if you search for just EasyBet – so do not be confused by the Google results, it is still the very same website! They also offer many promotions to sign up users that you might want to look at.

Games and Presentation

First, their site is easy to use and doesn’t lag like many other casino sites: You don’t have to worry about thousands of ads and pop ups when you visit their website: You can get all sorts of bonuses just for signing up – for example they have a weekend bonus if you sign up over a weekend, and bonuses just for signing up to their sportsbook page. They offer many popular gambling options as a casino should, including the sportsbook, slot machines, a live casino, a VIP section and also games for mobile.

EasyGroup188 Functionality

EasyGroup188 is easy to access when you first go to the site and you are not bombarded with information: Everything is easy to find and you know just where to click to find what you need: Just look at the top menu or enter your sign-in information in the top left corner. (They also make use of a Captcha-like code to make sure that you are not a bot trying to sign in! Click to get another code. If you cannot see you might need to ask someone for help.)

Customer Service

Contact them directly for customer service using the Contact Us option at the bottom of the website.