You have the luxury of choice. You get to choose which clothes you are wearing, you get to choose which meal you will prepare for yourself or your family tonight. You get to choose your hobbies and you get to choose which restaurants you go to – you even get to choose who you spend your time with every day. Shouldn’t you be able to have the same variety of choice when it comes to your casino? Yes, you should! And you do. You can check out a variety of casino reviews on, where we take a personal look at each and every of the websites we review to bring you honest, reliable reviews that tell you where you can spend your money and have a chance to win the next big jackpot.

There are many casino review websites that will not give you an honest and truthful opinion about the casinos they list. You don’t have to worry about that with We’ve tested each of the websites and made sure that they are easy to use; we tell you what games they offer and you know that you can trust our reviews to point you in the direction of the best casino for that jackpot.

Eclbet Casino Review

The website for Eclbet looks great, and you’ll feel like a winner just logging on-to their site already – it’s all dressed up in black, it’s sleek and the graphics happen to be very well designed. But this made the site a little slow to open. Once it’s loaded, no problems and you can get straight to gambling after you have made your first deposit. You can take advantage of many sign up bonuses including a 10% cash back on all of their games and a 120% sign up bonus when you’ve made your deposit. Cool, don’t you think?

Games and Presentation

Eclbet might sound like it specializes only in sports betting, and that could be a little bit misleading: They’re an online casino platform like any other and thus they offer games like slot machines, Scr888, lottery, card games and roulette too; they also offer sports betting through their sportsbook. You might also be attracted by the fact that they offer direct betting on eSports, something other options on this list did not offer in comparison. Overall, we’re impressed with what we see and some more effort went into designing this website and making it work.

Eclbet Casino Functionality

All of the links and information you need are listed right on the front page, and if you’re looking for anything specific or have a question or problem for the sports team it is easy enough to find out where to reach them. They’ve even got an FAQ and How to Join section on their website that will walk you through the steps if you’re new to everything – that is impressive and going an extra step.