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EZG88 Casino Review

The first thing you should know about EZG88 is that the name is short for EZ-Game, and that EZGame88 is still the same website – with us? Okay, good. Now, let’s talk about the website itself. When it first opens up, you’re greeted with a banner that shows you their bonuses (so far so good) and then with the listing of their progressive jackpot – something we always love when we see it offered by a casino. The menu at the top has all of the game options so you can find them without having to scroll around, and they offer a 100% deposit bonus for players – among many other different bonuses, available to go through on their Promotions page. Could you be the next winner here?

Games and Presentation

EZG88 offers an impressively wide variety of casino games. The first option on their website is Sports, then their Live Casino where you can find traditional casino game options, then Slot Games with a decent variety of slot machines, then you can find their promotions. It doesn’t look as fleshed out as other options, though.

EZG88 Casino Functionality

Their customer support system is one of the first things that opens up on their website – so you can get in touch with them immediately. Their customer support bar also tells you about any other special bonuses that count as an incentive to sign up to the site – a definite positive in our book. Experience any problems with the website, then you should remember to update your flash player and browser before contacting customer support.