G3M is an online-based casino which is specifically purposed to suit the needs of people who live in Malaysia or near it. The online experience allows everyone to access the website and join the platform as wished. This is the reason why G3M is expecting to expand internationally and be the host of users from all around the world. The services at G3M are respectable and should meet the expectations of any professional gambler who enjoys spending time on online platforms rather than physical locations. The experience with G3M is the closest you can get to a real-life casino. Go ahead and try it to form an opinion on your own.

About G3M

G3M is a casino that offers the most popular games and activities for people who are passionate about online entertainment. The team at G3M uses the latest technology in the industry in order to build the games that users dearly love. The experience with G3M will make anyone fall in love with the platform as it is not comparable with any other online casinos in the area. The many benefits it brings to the table recommends it as one of the most interesting online casinos in Malaysia.

Casino games at G3M

The games that make G3M so special are the ones that Malaysians and users in general tend to prefer. The first category of games that seem to attract new users everyday refers to the poker category. For poker lovers, the idea of an experience that’s very similar to real life is the goal. Luckily, G3M offers exactly that – live gambling with live dealers. The second category refers to a beloved activity – betting. The sportsbook at G3M is very diverse and offers a multitude of sports to bet on. There is also a live chart to follow scores right on the platform to make the process easier for whoever is betting. Another game category would be the slot games one, which includes differently themed slots with a high chance of winning the jackpot. There is also a lottery section which has to do with guessing lucky numbers. All categories are appreciated by the users of G3M.

Bonuses at G3M

For big events such as the FIFA World Cup, G3M offers users a special bonus of 128% of the deposit for all people who join the platform for the first time. With the same occasion, the website also organizes numerous giveaways with beloved products such as the Apple MacBook Pro. The regular welcome bonus represents 100% of the first deposit for slot games and soccer. The value may be greater or lower depending on the category of games selected on the website. Besides the welcome bonus, members will also get a 15% top-up bonus with every deposit renewal they make. The value may differ depending on the amount of deposit made by the user. There is also a cash rebate for each game category ranging from 0.25% to 0.5%.

Other financial aspects at G3M

By joining the affiliation club, members can get substantial discounts and promotions. This financial aspect makes playing on G3M more profitable than ever. In order to join the affiliate program, members have to register on the website and earn commissions by sharing the website on social networking websites. After receiving enough commissions, the user should contact the customer service sector at G3M to claim their position. Gaining commission is recurrent and it depends on the amount of social networking promotion it has been done by the respective user.

Support system at G3M

The team at G3M can be contacted anytime via live chat on the home page of the platform, via the phone number or via email. Any problem that users encounter can be quickly solved by simply contacting the team and letting them know what the issue is. The team is actively working to improve the website and make it suitable for any customer.

What we like:

  • Many active users on the website
  • Responsive platform
  • 24/7 customer care
  • High security

What we didn’t like:

  • Slow transactions depending on the bank services
  • Small jackpots for the slots category

Overall experience at G3M

The whole experience at G3M is appropriate for gambling lovers. The professionalism of the team, the technology behind the games and many other aspects are the ones who recommend the website to anyone who would enjoy winning without much effort or without worries. The safest platform in Malaysia, G3M is waiting for new users to appear and try its services.