IBC is an online entertainment platform that combines the benefits of many other similar websites in Malaysia. It is special because it brings together all the games and activities of other online casinos in one single place, making it accessible for people all around the world and increasing their chance to win tremendously. People who visit the website gain access to dozens of activities to win money from, easily and safely. Read this IBC review in order to learn more about this platform and maybe choose it for your next online entertainment session.

IBC Review

It is a premium online casino in Malaysia that seems to win ground lately. It became popular because of the large variety of activities it offers, being as close as possible to a real casino experience. This casino house might be the safest one in Malaysia, granting users the latest technology and firewalls for protecting their data. This platform offers a wide array of games, live casino options, sportsbook and many more others, while being sustained by important franchises in Malaysia.

Casino games at IBC

The casino games offered right here are present on other websites as well, but what this portal does special is that it gathers all these games and activities in one single place, so that you can access freely and easily. This way, the most popular apps of online entertainment platform lovers are gathered all in one, making them easier to play. Accessing these games easier automatically involves winning more money, which makes this website the perfect option for anyone. The platform is suitable for live casino games, sportsbook betting, slots games, lottery activities and so on. All the games can be found by accessing the platform, downloading the client and signing up. There is also a mobile app that makes the access even more facile.

Bonuses at IBC

The bonuses are the same ones offered at other online casino platforms. As in any other case, newcomers will receive a welcome bonus and its value is going to depend on the amount of the first deposit. There are also bonuses that are offered on different occasions, such as the birthday of the user or a big international event such as the Champions League. This site also offers giveaways and weekly bonuses. The cash rebate values are set depending on the category selected by the user. For each game category, there is a different cash rebate. This platform gives people referral bonuses for bringing more people to the website or social media networking bonuses for promoting or liking the social media accounts of the platform.

Other financial aspects

The banking methods at this website are classic. They involve making transactions via ATM, internet banking or local bank transfer. Since it is an online casino based in Malaysia, it works with the most popular banks in this area only. The transfer times depend on the availability of the respective banks and on the amount of money deposited or withdrew. There are limitations in terms of making transactions and withdrawals respectively. These limitations are set depending on the banking method selected and they vary. IBC can decide to cancel or postpone a transaction as long as not all the requirements stated in the terms and conditions section is not respected. It encourages healthy gaming and betting, without abuses or frauds.

Support system

People can contact the professional team whenever they have a question. The customer support is offered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The team can be contacted via the platforms listed on the website. You can find IBC on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube. The fastest method to get an answer is to contact the team via the live chat method available on their official website or by using the details offered directly by the company.

What we like:

  • All games in one single place
  • Large variety of activities
  • High chance of winning

What we didn’t like:

  • Banking options are not numerous
  • Transactions can be slow due to banking options

Overall experience

The overall experience will meet your expectations, regardless of how many online casinos you have tried in the past. The secret of IBC is that it combines the power of multiple casino websites and puts it together for building a more responsive, more intuitive, safer and more efficient website. Choose it now for the greatest experience with an online entertainment platform and you will surely be pleased with the outcome.