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Infiniwin Casino Review

Infiniwin’s name, if we had to guess, is a combination of the words infinity and win – that’s a good start when you really think about it, but when you first hear it it almost sounds like an Operating System instead, though that might just be us. It has no effect on the casino, though, and you shouldn’t have trouble clicking through the website to find just what you need: It’s easy to use and doesn’t have the lag or overloaded website that some sites do. You can find everything you need to in just the right place.

Games and Presentation

Okay, so just what kind of games do they offer through Infiniwin? The good news is that you can find pretty much everything you would find in a real casino and then some more extra options on top of that, including slot machines – themed ones, too, if that happens to be your thing. They’ve got sign up bonuses and continue-to-play bonuses to keep you playing – and a lot of times that’s the sign of a really fun online place: Because you want to keep playing and they want you to keep playing, so both the player and the casino win that bargain and get something they want.

Infiniwin Casino Functionality

We can’t fault this website on ease-of-use: The menu bar at the top has everything organized, and we almost guarantee that you can find anything you need to (including the games and website’s registering section for new players) in five clicks or under. The website has no lag – assuming that you have the latest browser and flash player – and it doesn’t bombard you with a thousand different colours like some casino websites do. For ease of use, we really like this one!