Malaybet is an online casino that places its sportsbook and online betting at the forefront of its various offerings. This is a great place to come and bet on the races or on your favorite team winning – but there’s mot to it than that.

Malaybet Design and First Impressions

Malaybet is a well-designed site which is always what we want to see when we’re thinking of spending money on any web page!

The layout is sleek and certainly gets the point across nicely. The images look good and navigation is simple. The color scheme is all black, yellow and white which creates a fun atmosphere and the games on offer are easy to find.

The only downside is that there are some occasional translation issues. It does add to the charm slightly, but of course it’s not the most professional of errors! That’s only in the personal messages though – the site itself does inspire confidence.

Games and Winnings

Those games include the aforementioned sports betting (which is a great way to make watching your favorite sports all the more fun) as well as a live casino, slots, a racebook and numerous special promotions.

The games work well and include lots of different options for different types of fans. What we really like though is all the bonuses and promotions. There are weekly draws, a huge prize pool and a welcome bonus of 110% for new members. That means that when you sign up and place your first bet, the value is going to be more than doubled!

All in all, the range of offerings is great here, as is the quality. The only thing notable in its absence is a mobile app for playing on the move!

Customer Service and Experience

The great news is that you can easily get in touch with someone to chat about problems/get advice 24/7 via a chat window. That lives on the bottom right of the screen and is always ready to pop-up as soon as you need it.

The customer service in our experience is very quick and easy to use and the people on the other end of the line are friendly and helpful. In fact, this is one of the very best examples of customer service we have experienced so far. You can tell that this is something the company takes seriously in fact, as it is right there in the tagline. The site describes itself as ‘Trusted & Secure Online Gaming Site’.

This is something you feel throughout. And banking is quick and easy too, so you know you can get your money out as soon as you want it. It gives you the confidence to keep playing, spending and having fun – knowing that support is there should you need it.