QQBet88 is an international online casino that supports multiple languages and regions. It is also one of the most impressive in terms of the sheer amount of games on offer, the prizes and payouts and more. Join us as we look deeper into the pros and cons of this site.

QQBet88 Presentation and Navigation

QQBet88 has a fantastic design and really gets you in the mood to play when you visit the page.

There are one or two small design faux pas here and there. White writing is occasionally hard to read on yellow background elements, and the menu has a tendency to move awkwardly on smaller screen sizes.

But the colors are bright, the pages work well and the graphics are all very well done and help get you in the mood. There are lots of good licenses here including Dr Strange and several well-known computer games.

You’ll find your way around easily too and the whole thing is a very good experience.

Games and Prizes

There’s clearly a lot of money to be earned here and that includes some fun prizes too. We like casinos that offer prizes, as it gives you something tangible and concrete to play for – and very often the value is particularly good here when you win.

Some of the prizes on offer include PS4s, PSVR, keyboards, widescreen monitors and more!

There are also plenty of offers and deals, including a 100% bonus for new players and a 10% unlimited deposit bonus. Super Sunday sees 100% slot bonuses too!

The variety of games is also among the best: you get slots, you get fishing, you get lottery and of course the usual sportsbook and live casino.

The only thing missing here is a mobile version of the games to play on the move. This is a shame when the games are so enjoyable but it doesn’t detract from the quality overall.

Customer Service and Experience

The customer service here has been impeccable in our experience. You can reach members of the team via an online chat 24/7, or you can get in touch via Whatsapp, via Wechat, via email… and they’re always friendly and helpful.

The banking is also great here. That’s very important, as it means that when you go to withdraw your cash, you can get it as soon as you want it and with no hidden fees or delay. This is a site you can use with confidence and we really appreciate that aspect.

On the whole, QQBet88 gets a top A+ recommendation from us. It has one of the best designs, great support, a huge range of games, lots of bonuses and some great prizes! When the only downside is that some of the font is the wrong color… well then you know that you’re onto a winner! On the whole, it’s one of the best online casinos.