Royale888 is an online casino that provides a lot of different games – including some big licenses – and that impresses with a great design. For the most part.

But how does it compare to the many other online casinos out there? Well, keep reading and find out!

Royale888 Presentation

The presentation here breaks away from the normal trends somewhat. Rather than being your usual black and gold affair, this one is decked out in royal blue (makes sense!) and yellow. It’s a big splash of color which is a very welcome site!

Other than that, there are lots of big, bold images with some well-known brands and licenses showing up here and there: including Marvel heroes!

Finding your way around is easy enough via the menu along the top, which will allow you to choose from categories such as promoted games, live casino, sport, slot games and more.

That said, it’s not quite a perfect ten. For starters, there are several examples of poorly edited images that aren’t quite cropped out properly. We’ve marked other sites down for that in the past so it seems only fair to do so here as well.

Likewise, the page can occasionally be a little confusing where it lacks detailed explanation. There’s ‘Skr888’ for instance – but no explanation as to what sets those games apart. It’s just a category with big pictures to click on…

Games and Offers

There are lots of great offers here at the moment and that seems to be standard fair for this site. All games have a daily rebate of 3%, while there is a generous 15% bonus on your first deposit.

There’s a particularly wide range of games to play here too, which include many popular licenses as mentioned. These are the sorts of games you’re going to want to keep coming back to play and they all work really well with lots of colors and graphics. Online casinos aren’t just about the money – they’re about having a good time in the process.

One slight downside is the lack of a mobile app – which is a bit of a shame considering that there are some great games here that would be a lot of fun to play on the move. Hopefully this gets added at a later date.

Royal888 Experience and Conclusion

The most important thing though is the customer service: can you trust this company with your money? Are they quick to respond to concerns and queries?

The good news is that this is a strong ‘yes’ in both categories. The site makes it very easy indeed to get in touch with a rep and from that point they are very eager and willing to help. We found that all queries were answered promptly and the casino also has good policies when it comes to banking, withdrawing cash etc.

So, Royale888 gets a yes from us!