The SCR99 casino has been with us for a long period of time and they are well-appreciated all across the globe. The site is located in Malaysia and they have been certified to offer gambling and betting possibilities to players from all parts of the world.

SCR99 casino Review

The casino is definitely a desirable place to try out your luck and may be the best one for most of you. The progressive jackpot is supported and at the moment, the value is $18 million. Of course, due to the fact it is a progressive jackpot and its value is based on the bets of other players, the size will be increased in the near future as well. We can add that this jackpot is increasing all the time.

SCR99 casino games

The games are specifically adapted for the PC users. However, you have an option to choose a mobile version and even to download an app so you can play the games on your smartphone. The app is modern and based on the latest development technology. Other than that, we should add that the games come with great effects.

Casino games include Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and so many others. Live games come with a real-world dealer, so they offer almost the same experience as those in the real world. Casino games have the main role at the SCR99 casino.

Sports betting do come in a wide choice. There are countless possibilities to bet. Even cockfights are supported and you are free to bet on them. This is one of the rare possibilities and as such it must be mentioned. Anyway, you can find any possible game you can think of and it will be available at the casino.

Slots are supported as well. They are developed by the biggest names in the industry, so all of them are a real pleasure to play. Yes, the number is still lower than others casino offer, but we noticed that they are added regularly, so soon, we will be able to play even more slot games. And yes, some of the most popular games are supported as well.

The last, but not least, lottery games are implemented to the site. Some of the best-known game providers are available and players can enjoy almost any form of betting associated with the lottery.


In the lack of a better word, the SCR99 casino offers impressive bonuses. It all starts with a sign up bonus which will be available after the first deposit. It is 50% bonus up to 250RM. You also have the possibility to get a lucky free spin on the lucky wheel after you have deposited RM100 or more. The rewards include RM200.000 and any others.

Daily bonus is available 9 times a day and it is given to players who have deposited RM125 or more. The same type of bonus is a weekend bonus of 15% which is given to players who deposit RM30 or more. A daily bonus of 10% up to RM330 is available once per a day.

A 20% bonus up to RM330 is available and randomly given to a player frequently. You may get a similar, yet 8% bonus with the same requirements. A different type of bonus is 5% one which is given to players who play games daily for over a week.

The last three bonuses you are going to get include a birthday bonus, refer a friend bonus and a rebate of different percentage. While playing Baccarat, you can get RM99. There are no requirements here.

SCR99 casino support

The support is excellent. Keep in mind that they have upgraded it recently. As such, they are not available on Whatsapp any longer. However, they are available on the Telegram app. Of course, phone call and a live support are available as well. They are some of the best online casinos on the web when it comes to the support.

What we like:

  • Massive progressive jackpot
  • Different games available
  • Advanced customer support
  • The casino is licensed and rated as one of the best ones

What we didn’t like:

  • Slow-loading site
  • Mostly focused on players from Asia

Overall experience with the SCR99 casino

All we can say is that this casino is the one to choose from if you like regular, daily betting. The bonuses and other promotions are the main advantages and they do come as a perfect addition to the already long list of supported games. We were also impressed with the customer support and with the fairness of the casino.