Both professional gamblers and amateur punters need a platform on which they can gamble, try their luck, break some records and compete for the jackpot on offer – these platforms exist in the form of real life casinos, but many people want to stay away from real life casinos for many reasons including their safety and the fact that they don’t want the distraction of a hundred people rushing around them in the casino when they are trying to focus on their game. That’s OK too. For these people, online casinos offer a great alternative to real life casinos – but it can sometimes be hard to find the right one.

The right online casino for your needs will be one that’s easy to use, quick to open and offers you all of the games you want to see. For the best online casino reviews you should take a look at, where we open up some of the top casino websites in Malaysia and write up a review on each one so you can find the best casino that caters to your needs.

Tony88 Casino Review

We found the website for Tony88 to be almost too overwhelming: Immediately, you are hit with a bunch of animated banners that kind of make you think of MySpace in its very early days – this can be slow on older computers, and especially slow (or not working at all) if you are using an older version of flash player, so make sure that you update to the latest version. The same applies to your browser. You can find their games at the top and special offers displayed either on the scrolling banner, through their promotions page or at the side.

Games and Presentation

They offer a live sportsbook for sports betting enthusiasts, a live casino with all of the traditional games you would find at any other casino, slot games and a lottery. They also happen to offer many promotions for users who are just signing up – and users who have been playing for a while. This is a cool incentive to keep playing and we’ll give them some bonus points for going to the effort. We also happen to like the fact that they offer a progressive jackpot for players – where else will you find a jackpot that keeps going up and up? Not all casinos offer this as a bonus on their website.

Tony88 Casino Functionality

Tony88 offers a huge range of table games, and the games itself appear to work pretty well – we’re happy with that overall. What we did find a little off-putting about the website is the fact that we were bombarded with animated ads that slowed the site down, and that the website contained ads for things that had absolutely nothing to do with the casino.