Win133 is an online casino that also goes by the name B133 and which offers a ‘133% sign up bonus’. That’s the ‘elevator pitch’ but there’s a lot more to this site than that. Let’s dive in!

Win133 Games and Presentation

When you first load up Win133, you’ll likely be instantly reeled in by the great look of the site.

Some casino sites will emphasize the themes of their games. They feature things like zombies or pharaohs… or zombie pharaohs right on the front page.

B133 is different in that it goes for a slightly more ‘classy’ look, decked out in black and gold and with a number of attractive looking men and women showing up on the image slider along the top.

In short, this is a site that emphasizes seemingly a good dose of hedonism. You feel like James Bond or someone, spending cash, rubbing shoulders with ballers and staying out with a martini until the small hours.

The live casino offers all of the games you would expect and a great atmosphere for enjoying them. And while it’s not as heavily promoted here, there is no shortage of slot games. From Age of Gods and Captain’s Treasure, to branded games like Cowboys and Aliens, Kong and Marylin Munroe.

Perhaps the biggest draw here though, and the original feature of Win133, is the sports betting. You can bet on upcoming games, potentially turn a profit and make watching your team all the more exciting in the process!

Ease of Use

In terms of navigation, you’ll also find that this is a good experience. All the main games and options are presented along the top, including the live casino, sportsbook, slots machine and even ‘fishing world’! You can bet on the horses and you can find mobile versions of many of the games.

While it’s great that there is a mobile app for this site – and that’s something we always like to see, it’s a shame that you need to download the games individually on each platform. That means you’ll need a lot of games installed on your phone, or you’ll have to make do with just your favourite one or two. Hopefully, this will something they fix in the near future!

Customer Service and Conclusion

Overall, Win133 is one of the most feature-packed, online casinos out there and it has a really great sense of style. All that would be for nothing though, if it didn’t also have great customer service and reliability to match.

The good news is that you can trust B133 to look after your deposits and to pay out as soon as you request. There’s no fuss in getting paid and that means you can get spending your winnings right away!

If you have any questions, then you’ll be able to get immediate assistance via an online chat, or you can email or use ‘WeChat’. They are available around the clock and this will provide some real assurance for those that just want to have a good time.

All in all, we give this one a solid recommendation!