These days there are websites where people can give their opinion on almost anything. You can go to websites to review restaurants, to review food, to review clothes, to review social media – there are even some websites where you can review people based on their photos! We live in a world where people don’t trust anything if they haven’t read a reliable review for it somewhere online – after all, things are better when they come recommended by people who have already used it before, right? You will be glad to know that the same review system now exists for casinos! You can find the perfect casino for your next poker game or slot machine spin. All you have to do is visit and go through our library of tested and trusted casino reviews.

We tell you everything that you need to know about the casino including which games they happen to offer and how happy we were with how the site looks and works. All of this is to make sure that you have the most reliable casino review you can find so you can make an informed decision. Gambling is supposed to be fun at the same time – and you could win big!

Winners888 Casino Review

Of course, for many 8888 is considered a lucky number – eight is great if it pops up in your date of birth, people are considered to be lucky if they live at number 88 – and many people pick 88 as a number when they have the option for a lottery draw. Does the same apply to Winners888? They are a live online casino and betting platform in Malaysia and they offer a wide range of casino games where you are given a chance to win. The first thing you see on their website is a list of lucky draw and bonus winners – you might see your name here if you sign up so keep an eye on this list when you log in! New to the site is the Promotions section where you can also score big for signing up or playing certain games.

Games and Presentation

They offer mobile versions of all their games if you would like to gamble on the go; they also offer traditional slots and card games, but also a sportsbook – and poker has its own section on their website. They have welcome bonuses of up to MYR1, 888 – impressive considering some of the other casinos.

Winners888 Casino Functionality

Our only real downside to this website is the fact that it is a little slow – and this can be attributed to the banners from the casino showcasing the site’s bonuses, so it might work differently on different computers. Update your Flash player if you are experiencing any problems with this. What we like about this website is the fact that it even offers a video tutorial for new members – and their technical support is always available to help.